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At the heart of SHICKEN, and everything we do, originates from our family. It’s a range of meals and kebabs that we have been making for our family for decades, using recipes that our Mum, and her Mum before her, has handed down — through two generations.

Generations of our family — from our past ancestors through to our parents, and now our children — are what drive us to make the very best plant-based products. Delivering the most authentically traditional, restaurant-quality flavours from across India and additional world cuisines in the future, is what drives the passion.

Passion is not the only thing that makes our products great. It's the medley of natural, fresh quality ingredients combined with time and patience to build every curry from a base of onions, tomatoes and a balanced spice flavour explosion.

Finally, we package all this up into a perfect taste sensation which can be enjoyed by families around the world, while they make a positive impact on our environment and animal welfare.

Satvinder & Parm