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What's Shicken?

Plant-based versions of your favourite foods

Alternative's for everyone

The growing demand for plant-based vegan products has encouraged real innovation in meat-free food, compared to where we were 10 years ago.

​So what is fuelling this popularity? 

​Consumers around the globe are making informed decisions when it comes to selecting the products they purchase and the impact their decisions have on their health, our planet and animal welfare.

​Our vision at SHICKEN is very simple, we want to offer plant- based vegan alternatives for every day favourite meat based foods. We developed our unique [SHICKEN] pieces, to allow more and more people to enjoy a plant-based diet without sacrificing taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of eating our food.

​It's very positive that more consumers are trying or switching to a plant-based vegan diet.  BUT what if a product range could make it so much easier for the masses to switch to plant-based vegan diet, even if it's only a few days a week? Imagine the positive impact this would have on our planet and animal welfare!

​This is where the [SHICKEN] range comes in, each and every product that we develop is a replica of their meat alternative.  

If the masses can have the same experience of eating chicken with our vegan chicken [SHICKEN] range then together we can make a real difference!